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Newsletter '15

Newsletter '15



Monday: CGl Goes Frozen! With a crackle and a pop Camp Gan Izzy hit it off with Frozen day. Grand Gan went on a cold trip ice skating! Back at camp, we baked delicious cookies that looked like real snowballs after we rolled them in snowy confectioners’ sugar! Then Gan Israel campers really went frozen with some wacky and wild ice activities. We found hidden treasures in frozen ice, tie dyed Mushky's shirt with ice paint and unraveled frozen Gan Israel shirts! What fun!  Smiling Gan Israel campers were off to swimming to end off our Marvelous Monday!

Tuesday: Rain or shine, Gan Israel was off to an awesome day at Wet n' Wild! We slipped and flew down the slides, got swept up with the waves at the wave pool and relaxed at the lazy river. Some campers even dared to tube at The Edge! At the "Wild n' Wet" water park the younger division splashed away and even got their counselors soaking wet!

What a wild and wet day at Wednesday: Is it really Wednesday already? All the happy and excited Gan Israel campers were definitely ready for another super fun day! We spent time "around the Gan Israel town"! We stopped at the Fashion salon for a manicure and some campers even got a makeover! Gan Israel campers worked out at the community gym, baked delicious pastries at the bakery and had an exam at the doctor. We had a blast slipping and sliding down the massive slide! Gan Israel campers definitely stretched, spun and turned with Tumblebees, what talent! To top it off we all got a chance to aim for the target at archery! What an awesome day at Camp Gan Israel! 

Thursday: Purim in July! A grand Hamantashen baking bash at Gan Israel started off a terrific Thursday! What a scare; our counselors went  camp searching for them. Smashing counselors hunt indeed! Luckily we found them all! We then ran to an awesome Purim carnival with  face painting, photo booth, decorate masks and guess the  jelly belly flavors! To end off an incredible day Gan Israel was off to the very last time at swimming!

Friday: No, no never, never, uh, uh, uh! Can you believe it’s already the last day of Camp Gan Izzy 2015? We wish camp could go through the whole year! We braided and shaped our awesome colored challah dough to start off a fantastic Friday and then headed to Abottswood for a challah baking bash with the eldery! We bought awesome prizes with our well earned Torah dollars and enjoyed the very last Shabbos party at Gan Israel! With a smash and a hit we were off to Tumblebees and rock climbing. We had such a good time together; we will really miss you Camp Gan Israel! We can't wait to see you again next year!!!


Monday: What a terrific day at Camp Gan Israel! We hit off a new week by decorating Challah boards with mosiac art. The talented art work at Gan Israel is quite incredible! A smashing activity- Torah dollar hunt and live prize auction had Gan Israel rocking!! To top it off we got pizza from a pizza truck and we even had delicious ices for dessert! To end off magnificent Monday, Gan Israel loaded the buses for some more fun at- Swimming!!!! 

Tuesday: With a smash and bang we were off to Celebration Station to have the time of our lives! We got to ride on real zooming Go Carts! If that wasn't enough, we bumped away with our Bumper Boats and got all soaking wet. Such fun! We even played Miniature Golf and scored a whole lot of points! To end off the incredible day, we played some really fun Arcade games and won awesome prizes! What an amazing Tuesday!   

Wednesday: Another fun filled and exciting day at camp Gan Israel!  We started the day by connecting lots of little paper clips,  creating long long chains to help us reach our favorite... baking ingredients!  We smashed our lollies,  mixed the ingredients and we had sweet stained glass cookies!  Yum!  Kosher Kickball and Simcha Soccer created stunning flowers for our Shabbat meal centerpieces.  The older bunks learned how to draw professional cartoons and caricatures! We took turns drawing each other and using our imagination to create awesome characters.  We finished off the morning with a fabulous newspaper fashion show! Simcha Soccer turned their counselor Sarah into a strong baseball player, while Brachos Baseball and Mitzvah Mitts turned Anorah into the Rabbi's wife!  Where did Bunk Kosher Kickball go?  They were all hiding in royal princess outfits and large fancy crowns! Then Gan Israel was off for a fantastic time at....Swimming!!

Thursday: Wow! Jewish Hero Day definitely surpassed all the fun days by far! Smiling Gan Israel campers made their way around Jewish Hero stations-at Abraham's tent, King David's musical palace, Moses at Mount Sinai and Judah in the Macabee's cave! Slipping and sliding down the Gan Israel waterslide was the highlight of a super-duper fantastic Thursday! With lots of excitement we jumped and moved around in the gym with Tumblebees! Where did all of our counselors go? We had a grand counselor hunt! We find you guys! What an awesome day at Gan Israel! 

Friday: Already Friday?!? Another amazing week at Camp Gan Israel flew by! We started the day by braiding awesome rainbow colored Challah dough! Eager Gan Israel campers prepared for the most amazing Shabbat Dinner in Greensboro. We made our way to Abbottswood for a smashing Challah baking bash with the elderly! To end off the most unbelievable, super and amazing week at Camp Gan Israel we made our way to Bumper Jumpers and Airbound! We can't wait to see you back again for the very last awesome week at Camp Gan Israel!!!:( SHABBAT SHALOM :) 




Monday: Gan Israel hit it off with a smashing scavenger hunt all around the camp grounds. Smiling campers eagerly ran from one station to the next gathering baking ingredients for our bake off! Delicious chocolate covered chews were mixed and formed by our very own Gan Israel chefs! The sound of popping balloons filled the gym as an amazing game of balloonarama ensued. To top it all off we had a surprise birthday bash for Talia! It wasn't long before we were off with a splash to swimming to end a marvelous Monday in Gan Israel! 

Tuesday: Excitement filled the Gan Israel bus as we headed for an action filled day at City Lake Park.  Steered by our very own campers, we enjoyed the best boat ride ever! We then jumped right onto some royal horses and swirled around on the carousel! That wasn't just it; we even got to sit and enjoy a relaxing train ride! With a swish and a splash the Gan Israel campers were sliding down a gigantic water slide and swimming in a huge pool, That was most definitely the highlight of terrific Tuesday!

Wednesday: Right at the start, Gan Israel was off to bowling! With a smash and a bang the campers hit strikes and spears, what fun! We then enjoyed a delicious picnic of hotdogs and hamburgers. The day reached its peak when we bumped away with our very own bumper cars! Back at camp we had a smashing talent show. Gan Israel definitely has got talent! Piano playing, princess dancing and artists drawing, actresses and actors galore. In honor of Maya's birthday we decorated deilcous cupcakes and lead her to find her very own birthday crown! What a fun Wednesday! 

Thursday: A day in the Kibbutz at Gan Israel just cannot be beat! To cool off from the intense Israel heat we made yummy ice cream Sundays! We actually got to experience what life is like at a real kibbutz! The Gan Israel campers discoverd how to make freshly squeezed orange juice and homemade hummus. We built boxes and dug deep to get a feel for what working life is like at the kibbutz! To top it all off we roasted marshmallows at a grand kibbutz bonfire! The fun only got better as we splashed away at Hamilton Lakes & Starmount pool. Thursday was definitely an action packed and awesome day!

Friday: Can you believe another fun filled week already flew by? We braided wacky colored challah, got awesome prizes for our well deserved Torah dollars and went on an amazing boating trip! Looking forward to another super-duper smashing week!!!


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